Big Momma help ya

Hello, yall, this here Big Momma comin atcha again.

Alot of you sweet little honkies been givin me such a nice, warm welcome and OOOOOH CHILD, Big Momma couldnt be happier to be gettin such a standin ovation!

So i be gettin alot of questions just pilin in already shuga and Big Momma want yall to know she here to help

The first question i gots is,  "What be my favorite kinda BBq sauce?"

Well child, Big Momma dont be cookin up wit them asshole tastin bbq sauces you be gettin from no grocery store so sir. You gots to be rememberin Big Momma is a Southern woman with refined tastes in the homemade soul food : )

Big Momma be makin her own kinda bbq sauce honey~ i let yall in on a little recipe of ma own:

2 tbs. vinega
1 tbs. worsteshire sauce
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup brown shuga
2 teasp. mustard
1 teasp. paprika
1/2 cup minced onion
1 teasp. liquid smoke (for that country down home flava)

u need to fry those onions on a skillet til they brown, then add all other ingredients and simma till they all thick and mmm-mmmmm!

Second question I got is  Big Momma i wanna be little for the menfolk

Child, i just had this exact same conversation with a little white girl in tha chat rooms~ and i tell u the same thing i's told her -


Child, yall little honky white girls need to stop watchin the mtv music videos, they rot yo brain

Aint no respectable woman need to be eatin no damn rabbit lettuce leafs and nibblin on no damn chicken bone for no man!

girl, u be needing yoself a man that will love u for the woman u is, because u is a beautfiful woman, like Big Momma be tellin people i is a big beautiful southern woman and OOOH CHILD i cant get the damn menfolk in my hood off my ass

if u got tha BOO-TAY u work that BOO-TAY, u know what Big Momma tellin you?

If you got them big titties u need to be shakin them things all over tha dance floor, be knockin menfolk out with them thangs.

girl, the most improtant thing a young lovely woman like yourself be havin to attract a man is CONFIDENCE - u go ahead and do your thang and shimmy that booty and them titties and you see, in no time you be comin to Big Momma and sayin, DAMN BIG MOMMA U RIGHT

Last question Big Momma gots is:    Big Momma I need help with a sick individual how do i help them?

Well, child, Big Momma dont be knowin exactly what individual you be talkin bout. Is it someone on this here e-baum planet?

You go right ahead and use the chat rooms or tha private messages thing to tell big momma all about it. if u dont want Big Momma to spill the beans to everyone here, then Big Momma dont be spillin no beans.

Any way you wanna tell Big Momma bout it shuga u be tellin Big Momma. then she go around researchin n shit and will answer your question faster than i can fry up some breaded catfish with a side of egg pie.

Well thats all Big Momma gots for now yall be rememberin that now Big Momma in the house, Big Momma be answerin all yo questions and Big Momma cares about yall. Yall be good with them blogs and come to Big Momma if anyone b needin any kinda guidance.

Uploaded 07/31/2011
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