big ol changes

Listen yall im drunk so let me make this short. I predict some big changes coming this way real soon. Maybe not for you canadian folk but for america, yes sir. I don't know whats gunna happen but it's bound to. With all the militias forming, china owning so much of our stock, us bein so much in debt, somethings just bound to happen. Big changes for good or worse. I'm all about universal friendliness. The one world and what not. Fuck countries, what do we need them for. We're all fucking human, why do we need borders. I read animal farm a long time ago, I don't think anarchy works, it'd be awesome if it did though. Fuck people telling me what to do, I just want a god damn house with lots of land and I'll live happily ever after, pretty sure a majority of people would too. What if you could just go stake a claim in some land and fence it off, grow what you need and fuck the government telling you to give them what they assume they deserve? Sounds real nice to me. Thats our land u fux, that's america, i.e world. But of course some greedy fux will take power and say you owe them this and that. Bullshit if you ask me.
Uploaded 02/14/2013
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