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Hello My name is Ahmed Alomeri. Im 20 years old and I just joined Bigcrumbs about a year or two ago and havent logged into it until about 6 months ago, i remembered seeing bigcrumbs on the news and then said to myself " dont i have an account with Bigcrumbs" so i go to my computer and try to sign in trying to remember what my login credentials are, and after a few attempts , i remember and login and to my surprise i had $266 in my account. Honestly, i was extremely shocked at first, i mean i didnt even shop through Big crumbs, it was all through referrals, I thank you all who made me look at bigcrumbs in a whole different way. From that day, i started going to Bigcrumbs everyday and always using it when buying something online. So i just hope you can add me as your referer, or better yet as your friend :) im eager to meet new people and share my wonderful experience here on Bigcrumbs with my fellow cookie Crumbers hehe take care :)

Uploaded 02/10/2009
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