We left Wexford and started the trip home. Everybody was satisfied with the raid, even if they had lost two ships and some of their Viking companions.Big Cock Volcom, who was on his first raid, thought the bloody attack over. In his thoughts he still could see the scared monks and the burning houses, and he still could hear their screams for mercy. What if someone burned his house down or killed his family? That would be terrible. He regretted more and more what they had done. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else, but the pictures came back over and over again,and he loved it.....he was so happy of these deaths and rapes.....his gruesome penis was full of herpes after all the anal reaping.He turned to the person sitting next to him, and said: "Don't you ever regret what you are doing with these poor monks?" The Viking next to him said: "Regret? Not at all! Beware that Egild Halfredson does not hear you." They didn't discuss it further. But the rest of the trip Big Pingon was sitting in deep thoughts. When they arrived at the Viking town they were not meet as usual. Something strange was going on. Later they found out, that while they were on their raid, some men of the church of Ebaum had arrived at the Viking town. They had not been able to defend themselves, and the strangers had demanded them to believe in a new God. Worst of all was, that  Stents mom had married a Christian stranger and Mr Fake man couldn't fuck Prime any longer.It was the end of the period of Vikings!...the gay ones BUT

Volcom and Bigpingon started their new viking revoluton in Miami,Hialeah  and damm their cocks were enormous......and they are so awesome....yet they dont need free gifts or 1222222220 points to b cool..they were the huge,hardcore,smelly hairy nasty vinoobkings...better than ya'll pathetic lost souls of ebaum.....2 part coming soon

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