There is a kind of romanticism and adventure  that is the persona of the biker. We all are somewhat fearful of confronting these bad boys who ride their hogs with a paying bitch on the back. After all they sell drugs and prostitutes and look real mean.

In a previous lifestyle I had the opportunity to live among the biker clan. There was certain actions that were expected of me, but they were reasonable as I was not looking to climb the ladder to colors. I just was fascinated by the people and the girls were so exciting.  I never met a mean biker and they never  tried to take advantage of my youth or innocence, in fact they were rather soft spoken. I saw some messed up shit, but the members always showed compassion and tried to resolve disputes in responsible ways.There was an obvious love among them and they did not judge each other harshly unless that judgment was given without respect and expressed outside the "family".

I only stayed with them a couple of weeks, as my daily donations to the incarcerated dried up. The beer was free when you partied with them, but you had to donate a couple of bucks to help the brothers in prison, which of course I never failed to donate.

I somewhat remember the last night I spent with them I had just enough money to buy a bus ticket home, I guess I was afraid I would loose that money or it would get stolen because the party was getting wild and I was out of my mind stoned. I approached the biggest meanest biker I knew and asked him to protect my wallet and money as I was slowly drifting into oblivion. I woke up, total unnerved, looking for my wallet. I  searched the couch I had been sleeping on and there neatly tucked into the folds of the couch my wallet was there, with an extra 20 dollar bill and a joint.

I first went to the kitchen, some sweet ladies served me orange juice and gave me breakfast. I went upstairs to look for a female friend that I never made love to, but knew I must before I went back home. It turned out she was the wife of the biker who protected my wallet. After realizing she was the wife of my protectorate, I told her I couldn't get into bed with her. She laughed and said your too fucked up, pulled back her sheets and said, get in cause I'm getting cold.

Well I did, and we just held each other until I woke up 2 hours later. The best, no sex, I ever had.

It would be about four hours till my bus arrived or train I can't remember, so we all decided to go down to the beach for a swim to kill some time. The biker girls ran down to the beaches took off their tops and started to bob up and down in the water. There were a few prudes who seemed upset but  the people were full of excitement.

It's odd but for some reason I can't remember if it was a bus or train I took home?




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