Biometrics in Schools


Yippee!!! Biometric identification is now entering the school systems. This is great news! All the kiddies will scan their fingers in the morning and the computer system will know they are there. The teacher doesn't even need to acknowledge, spend any time getting to know or recognize the children, because if little Sheepy doesn't scan his finger, admin would then be notified to take what ever action is appropriate.  As a bonus, the parent can through the internet check to make sure Lamby is safely at school. No longer will parents and children need to form a respectful, trusting relationship.

Of course, other advantages of the system will make life so much better for all the little lambs.
Instead of the children signing out the books, taking time to fill out those tedious cards and the over paid librarian getting to know the students, the little uns can scan their finger, scan the book and hurry off to class! No more will the school librarian have to walk her fat ass to the classroom to collect overdue books, because the teachers inbox will be automatically notified  that forgetful Moomoo, is again late  returning her book. "Now Moomoo, after class be sure return Anne of Green Garbles, back to the library ".  How cute, all little Moomoo needs to do is finger scan her finger, scan the book and leave it on the nice big table. All is forgiven, no stern look or reprimand from the librarian, that might damage Moomoos'  self esteem.

The lunch time experience will be vastly improved as well. As the flocks line up for their government approved and inspected lunches, they will simply scan their hooves. The information of what they ate,and how much it costs will be automatically entered into a data base. This is especially good for the poorer children who receive assistance, because no one will know that Abner who lives in the dingy old apartment building is poor. It'll be their little secret.

Not only that, but instead of using that math lesson in a practical way to purchase items and count your money.... forget about it... you can just go on day dreaming about Justin Beiber.  No need to be responsible for your money, to count it or make decisions for yourself. All will be provided for you. Now sit down as we fill your mind with our ideas, our logic and our way of doing things!

Seriously, this World is getting fucking retarded. Most kids in stores already can't make change or speak and write in coherent sentences. Nobody uses their heads for math problems, it's all calculators. The idea of personal responsibility  would bring blank stares from most people nowadays. Social assistance is a way of life muti-generationally . Think things are bad now? Wait until the next generation, a world full of zombies is less frightening to me!


Why wait for all the kids to be biometrically recorded? We can start right away, if you are retarded enough.

Uploaded 08/15/2011
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