Bitch of a bar manager.

    So 2 days ago my girl and I were heading to a bar called Shamrocks to attend a gathering cause one of her friends was celebrating one event of her birthday. Well we got there and gave hugs, all the usual niceties. We ordered some food, the girl got nachos and I got the chicken whatevers.  Everything is going well until this bitchy manager walks over to the table I'm sitting it which consists of  my gf, and 2 other girls (one of them is the b-day girl).  Well this manager  comes over and demands all of our IDs which I was a little worried I would get kicked out for being under 21. However she handed my ID back just fine. And all of the other girl's IDs. Well, we couldn't figure out what the hell the deal was as we were all drinking water in clear glasses...and then the manager says sternly, "Who here is from (another restaurant name) and is a hostess who came in here last week and tried to drink?" While she asks this, she looks only at the table I'm at and only one of us even works at the restaurant she's asking about. I'm completely in the dark here, and before I could reason anything she says "I can call the manager there and she will tell me who it was." So she walks away for a couple minutes. And we're still like wth? She comes back and goes over to a table with some of the younger girls of the group who work at the other restaurant, singles one girl out and says it was you and asks her to leave. Well this girl, I was informed of later, has never had a drink in her life, complete church girl. She starts telling the manager all that but the manager just says I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

    What a fricken bitch. To top it off, she didn't ask for the IDs of any of the people in our group who were drinking. Thanks for reading.


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Uploaded 09/27/2008
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