Bitch Rant

A lot has been going on since the last time I wrote.

1.) I moved into a house that's RIGHT behind my work (just about everyone knows, I work at a little shitty gas station). It's depressing. I don't even need a porch light in the backyard til 11:00pm with the blinding lights.

2.) While just starting to move, I was at work one day and I collapsed. Talk about embarrassing. An ambulance came to pick me up a half hour before my shift was up. My boss was really inconsiderate about it too. I was obviously scared that the fact it came out of nowhere and I couldn't get back up. All she could say was "YOU SHOULDN'T LEAVE THE STORE UNATTENDED!!" Bitch. So I called up the DM and told him I wanted a meeting between me, her, and him. Things got straightened out right away. I bitched how I was sick of all the gossiping at work too (people were saying that I was drinking, others were saying I took pills, others were saying that I have a eating disorder, others were saying I have lukemia...). Thankfully the DM said if there's any more gossiping, they will be fired on the spot.

3.) I had a friend move in with me to help pay the bills (the house has 3 rooms, so it's not really a problem). But ever live with someone who sounds like they're in a fucking marching band with cement on their feet?? I'm a really light sleeper as it is so no matter what I have to blast my fan in my room and even then I wake up constantly. Not to mention I can't sleep unless I'm alone in bed or I've been drinking. Also her boyfriend is always here and it's awkward sneaking past their room even though the door is wide open because they're always halfway fucking. Big mistake on my part.

4.) My hours got cut down to 2 days a week. Not good considering I just moved. I thought about finding another job but I don't have the money to get another car (totalled mine a couple years ago...hit some black guys in Flint on the expressway). My boss told me to "hang in there" and she'll give me more hours once the economy picks up. I'm supposed to be promoted once she leaves but it's taking a lot longer than that.

5.) I'm taking two classes online but I seem to be slacking. I think the stress is becoming so overwhelming that I now just want to get shitfaced when I can. One of the instructors is an asshole and treats me like an idiot when I ask him questions such as "when is the study guides going to be sent out for the next test?"

6.) Back to my roommate. She brought a kitten. I normally love cats but this one is the stupidest fucking thing ever. I don't see how she acts so attached to it either. It attacks everything and never sleeps. Claws the hell out of the walls, furniture, yourself, etc. I thought about "accidentally" letting it outside for a while but it's so stupid it would probably chase after a car. Then I'd feel pretty bad for a while. Another reason why I don't sleep.

So that's me. Not only do I look like a corpse from not sleeping, I still have no idea why I got sick (and still do sometimes just not as bad), I'm becoming an alcoholic, and I'm just straight up becoming bitchy.

Ah well...Happy Halloween! I get to put on my happy face and go to work until 11:30. Yay..

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