Bitchy customers

 What is it with bitchy, demanding, "I want it NOW!" Customers?? Its not the retailers fault that you left the wedding glasses, birthday present, aniversary gift, etc, etc... till the last minute.

 I used to work at a locksmith/gift shop and sometimes the amount of Bitchy customers were insane. Durring Christmas when the engraving line almost fell off the shelf, people would be asking for "rush" engraving because they live out of town and are "just in town for that one day", Do you really think i care that you left it till the day before you left. Please don't get mad at us because we cant put you in front of all the other people who were thinking and came in and figured out that it takes a while to get the engraving done.

Or they would complain about the 3.50 price for a key... Then they stand in line for 5 minutes to whine and complain about how they can get it cut at wal-mart for 2 bucks when there are paying customers behind him. Then they go to wal mart spend their 2 dollars on a piece of crap key and they come back and wave it in our faces. Ya what ever we will see your sorry ass in a day or two when the stupid thing doesn't work.

Now I work in a bakery, the complaining is a little bit less but its still there. We get customers complaining about the prices of the bread, and the "look" of the cinnamon buns, and the list goes on. Theres an add out in the paper about 2$ off a 10 inch cake and i had one guy come in and ask for the cake and he wanted the discount but he didnt have the coupon... THE WHOLE POINT OF THE COUPON, IS TO BRING IT IN AND GET YOUR FRIGGIN' DISCOUNT. The point of the poster on the wall is to tell you that we have an add in the paper, so no, you can't have the 2$ discount on your 19.49$ cake you moron. Then there's this one old guy that comes in to buy his rasin buns and complain about a flaw of one product, usually its the cinnamon buns,  one time it was the  price raise... its been the same for the past 3 months and you just complain about it now... WTF. and then the next week he complained about how the cinnamon buns were too "uneven"... ok what? then he talks about that and then says "oh well, i just eat it with a slab of butter anyways" so that whole rant was to prove what exactly? I have a floor to wash, a bakers table to clean, a sink over flowing with dirty dishes just calling my name to get done, I really dont give a damn, if you want something to happen about it call my manager. Im sure she'll figure out how to make the cinnamon buns to be even or the ad that magically apears in your pocket. Ok?

I Apoligize for the extremely long rant to those who took the consideration to read it.

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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