Bizarre sex question...

Okay, first of all this isn't for the kiddies, so turn around and play elsewhere if you're not over 18. However, if you are an interested adult, I have a bizarre sex question for you.

As some background, I've done some research and posted some articles about size queens in the past. For those of you, not in the know, a size queen is a male or female that enjoys looking at...ahem...large equipment or who enjoys over-sized penetrations.

And one thing I want to make clear is that this is not a blog intending to judge them or mock those people in any way. They put a lot of effort into their sexual fetishes and to achieve a larger size is a great sense of accomplishment to them. While it might not be my favorite fetish, I can definitely understand someone who puts a lot of time and training into something they love.

However, while looking around the net I stumbled on this picture, which I posted in the eBaums mature section (once again...not for kiddies or those easily weirded out.) Could someone explain to me something here? This picture is so ironic that it borders on psychosis. I already understand the whole Japanese 'culture of shame' thing, but with the overindulgent topic of the material, what the hell is with the little black censor bar?

That's my question. It seems to me that if you are going to draw something so over-the-top adding a censor-bar to it is just ludicrous. It's like ordering a sundae with eight pounds of ice-cream and asking them to use light whipped cream because you're on a diet.

The bizarre thing is I can't even tell if this question is rhetorical or not. The whole thing is that off to me. Any thoughts, people?

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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