Black Culture vs Asian Culture

This blog is written from my perspective as I have experienced different cultures. I admit I know very little about Black and Asian cultures. Still, the differences and similarities between the two groups are rather interesting.

Between the Land of Symphony and the Isle of Jazz is the Sea of discord. This represents Western culture being the Land of Symphony,  Black culture being the Isle of Jazz and Asian culture being the Sea of Discord.

Now, I hope my Asian friends do not find this an insult, for it is not. Some of the richest music contains superbly executed discords.  But still, some Asian areas of culture take it too far and that is reflected in it's cultural art.

Black culture  manifests itself in so many different ways around the world. From the fun loving Caribbean's,  to the war hardened African tribes to the American experience, which in itself is full of tribalism and a constant struggle. Still the beat and soul of music beats strongest within the Black experience.

I saw an interesting video of an African tribe engaged in a musical and dancing festival. It was very strange at first, but I grew to like it.  You must keep in mind these people probably live with very little and music and dance must  be a large part of that in order to fill the void and boredom that could overtake one's life in such a harsh environment.

Now here is a video from the Sea of Discord in China.

As you can see the Asians use similar beats, sounds, shapes, colors and odd behaviour in a discordant way.  Look at this next one from Japan.

Again you can hear and see discords that  somehow work, but in both instances they are for a commercial purpose where as in the Black example it is for there own enjoyment.  Also the Asian commercials creates an air of child like behaviour, where as the Black video  and music is of a more deep spiritual nature.

Here is a great example of how Asians represent the Sea of Discord using distortions, clashes mixed with rich melody. The singing gives it that playful juvenile flavor that seems to be a major part of Asian culture.

In the following example A black  brass marching band do there thing with a beat line. Superbly executed and a great peice of music.  Again, the Black example while not as playful and rich as the Japanese example uses a deeper beat and technique that is more mature and soulful.


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