Black Monday

Welcom to Black Monday at www.ragnarok.disorg, a.k.a. "The end of Ebaum's World as we know it."

It is a time of upheaval, of dark e-despair and e-misery.

All of you have, by now, heard about ZVUE's decision to can the previous staff of EBW, and I'm sure most of you asked yourself the same question as I: EBW has a staff?

Well, yes, apparently it hasn't been a bunch of trained monkeys keeping this oft-shaky Web site aloft all this time. It was people, actual human beings, who were turning the dials and pushing the buttons to provide at least some level of service. And, now, it would seem like we don't even get that moderately acceptable level of service, which I'm sure led all of you to ask yet another question:

You mean it can get worse?

And the answer to that is, again, yes, apparently so.

So now we will see what ebaumers are made of! Will we take the moral high road (riding, of course, on moral high horses) and flock to the new out of loyalty to people most of us have never met in person? Or, will we make the more base, materialistic choice and cling to our e-rep-laden EBW accounts, hoping against hope that this revolution may actually result in a better EBW?

Or, you could simply ask yourself this question: Should I actually give a shit? And, if so, just how big of a shit?

Well, I don't have any answers, but I will say this: Imposter Ebaum, watch your back!

No. 4 looks like Chris Farley, and he's pissed!



Uploaded 02/02/2009
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