Black people

ok seriously.  black people piss me the fuck off.  first of all, what the fuck is up with them and their stupid ebonics.  Theyve been living in america for all these years and they still dont know how to speak the language properly.  what the fuck is up with that? 

and you know what really ticks me off about black people?  They end every sentence with "ya know what Im sayin?"  They talk like this:


"I learned ebonics from my mama ya know what Im sayin?  She was born in africa ya know what imsayin?  Im a poor cheap bastard who has to joing gangs and kill people and rape white women to get my yuk yuks off ya know what im sayin?   I's from da ghetto and you better get yo black ass out my trailer ya know what im sayin?  fo' i fuck you and yo mama up ya know what im saying?"


Seriously, black people... grow the fuck up.  stop being such dickwads that go out in public and commit crimes just so that you can get your fix on whatever drugs it is youre taking.  Oh, but I'll give you some credit though--you dont spend ALL the money on drugs.  You make sure to save some so you can take your family out to KFC for that bucket of fried chicken and koolaid. 


really now...  you guys complain that everyone else out there is racist, and makes up all these stereotypes like I just mentioned above, and then you guys **GASP** go out there and PERPETUATE THESE FUCKING STEREOTYPES!   Thats called being a hypocrite my friend... and you need help for that.  Go talk to Dr. Phil or something, because I gave up on your asses a long time ago.


Stop blaming the damn whiteys for your own problems.  Sure they brought your uneducated, neanderthol ancestors over here... but thats all in the past.  You are YOU now.  Stop being so ignorant, stupid, violent, and just plain loud and annoying and get yo' shit together. 


Damn, you people piss me off somethin' terrible...

Uploaded 05/09/2009
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