Blacks voted for Obama because he was black.

White Republicans have this theory about blacks being racist because they voted for Obama, who happens to be black also. I don't remember any blacks protesting demanding a recount because he lost in some counties. I don't remember blacks carving the letter B on somebody's face then lied about it. There was an documentary in my hometown about the presidential campaign while Sarah Palin was there. The Interviewer asked them questions, they had no clue what was her policies and constitution were about, but they can explain clearly how Obama is an communist muslim born in Kenya. Why is this such an racial issue when a person of a different color wants to be president of the USA? As a black liberal myself, I never voted for Obama because i knew 1,000,000,000% percent he was going to win, so I stayed home that day. It doesn't matter to me who is president no matter the skin color, fuck, now I don't even trust them.  If there was a such thing as running more than twice running for the president, Bill Clinton would of had my vote, not that I knew much about politics because I was a child when he was in office, I done some research on him 3 years ago while I was in college. I asked most of my teachers, neighbors & professors what was he like back then and all of them said he was one of the best presidents ever. Here is the black percentage of the past running presidents. 2000: 95% blacks voted for Al Gore2004: 93% blacks voted for John Kerry 2008: 91% blacks voted for Barack Obama

Uploaded 05/14/2011
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