Dark Deunan or as MajorFatHead likes it Deunan Dark...
Well, it's 1 fucking am and I can't sleep again. WOOHOO!!! So I'm gonna rant for a bit bitches!!! You are my prisoner, I have you duct taped to a chair and I am gonna ramble like a schizophrenic on crack!!!

One of my daughters is very ill and it's ripping my soul out that I can't do anything to make her better. If the Doctor said that cutting off my own left arm would help her I wouldn't hesitate for a fucking second!!!

I have periods of mind numbing insomnia that started shortly after my divorce. It's cuz I have to sleep alone I'll bet. A friend asked the other day if I like to sleep alone now. NO, I FUCKING HATE IT!!! I need to know that someone's there. Laying in bed alone at night is just another reminder that nobody loves me. FUCK!!!

(I'm gonna cuss a lot too...tough shit motherfuckers!!!)

My bills every month add up to $1,000,000. I make about.....$3.00. Don't need to be a fucking rocket surgeon to do the math there do you? Oh yeah, I have to give my ex wife half of my $3.00 too. WOOFUCKINGHOO!!!

My car is on it's last fucking leg, high miles, wear and tear and all. I can't afford a new one or even a used one. It's not worth a fucking dollar. I might just fucking sell it and go the way of public transportation for awhile. Life doesn't get more colorful than bus loads of schizos does it? At least I'll be fucking entertained....LMAO!!!

I'm facing a layoff at what I consider to be my main job. I have to appear in front of the LRC (labor relations committee) later this week with my union rep and make a semi-coherent attempt at keeping my job. I don't stand a fucking chance in hell!!! Once the union makes up it's mind.....well, you know how that saying goes!!! FUCK IM FUCKED!!!

I hate my fucking roomie...Tyaeda pointed out that people (women especially) will think that my roomie is my ex wife or my girlfriend. I can't stress this enough...THAT IS NOT THE FUCKING CASE!!! I could drink a tanker truck of whiskey and not be drunk enough to fuck her, 'NUFF SAID!!!


On the lighter side...

The only bright light in my life are my children. I love them more than life itself and they love me back.

I have made a friend recently. We talk every single day and/or night. Our talks brighten my day and my mood. I very much look forward to our talks, I enjoy their company. I am happy to have made them my friend. I need more friends like them!!!


Thanks for listening were tied up, you had no choice...LOL!!! Now, does Dark Deunan untie you and set you free? Or, does Dark Deunan leave your ass to rot? Right now I think I prefer the latter.


Dark Deunan




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