Sometimes I have the urge to pop right on here and write a bleeeeehhg. Today, I decided that I would follow that urge and type up some thoughts... Ere are the thoughts.. 
1. So many idiots today are controlled by news media made to scare you followed by Zoloft commercials so you can cure the anxiety cause by the report coming at ten " You could be a hold molest, how to find out at 10!"2. The same amount of idiots will never go any further than where they are in life simply because of the doubts, more like delusions, thy create themselves.3. If one more idiot reproduces I swear..... Never mind one probably did in the time t took to type that little gem..... Ehh  4. My dog knows a lot of tricks 5. I have only fallen head over heals in love one time in my life, I sill think about it ... 6. When people post statuses online such as " my dog spilled water on my laptop, should I take it apart? Or bring it to a tech?" My response is "the dog or the laptop?" 7. I wish I could watch gulla gulla island right now.8. How many calendars does one person need? 9. I'm the chick girls love to hate..10. I wonder if anyone still eats lunchables at my age like I do .. 

Bleeh bleeh bleehhg 
Uploaded 02/22/2014
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