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I am pleased to announce that the feature chat has now moved to blog chat. In order to improve eBaum's World, the Admin has given me the privilege of announcing this improvement and moderating the section, for which I have no ability to do anything other than use my dark wit and powerful presence to mod the goings on. This is purely a test run and there are no rules. It is hoped that public shunnings of poorly behaved members, will over time create an atmosphere free from immature, barbaric behaviour and nurture intelligent debate full of wit and intrigue, (*not holding breath).

To find the blog that has the chat, you will have to go to the blogs and find it. Might as well read the blogs while you are there and gain powerful insights or leave a comment that adds a perspective that only you agree with. For the first Blog Chat we will use this blog starting when ever you want to. Please feel free to play the video and listen to tunes that can be requested to me at any time that I am around or when the Blog Chat changes rooms, the new originator of the blog can arrange the music by edit. Well have fun and play safe!

Our first tune will be....

Uploaded 07/14/2012
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