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I used to live in a shitty part of Denver My apartment was on east colfax-a street that was famous for crack-heads and hookers. Anyone who has watched "South Park" knows what I am talking about. My next door neighbor was some whore who had sometimes 6 men a day over and I could hear them fucking through the paper-thin walls. The gay couple across the hall would get high on crack daily and would leave wearing wigs and high heels. Nevertheless, we all kept to ourselves and got along.

When I graduated from college and got a descent job I decided to move to a nice area of town. The rent was twice as expensive but the condo was really nice. I was a 22 year old "young" looking girl and this was a good place to live. 8 of us neighbors shared a laundry room.

The first week I lived there I went downstairs to do my laundry. As I was sorting, the man across from the laundry room opened his door. When I looked over he shut it suddenly. But I was like "Wait---did I just see penis?" I think he had his pants unzipped. But it was so quick that I wasn't sure.

The folowing week I went to do another load and the same thing happened. This time I saw it!!! His pants were unzipped and his ding-a-ling was hanging out. THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAD JUST FLASHED ME!! I was pissed and told the manager about it. I assumed she would say something to him but come to find out, she never did.

2 weeks later I went down to get my clothes from the dryer and as I came around the corner I couldn't believe my eyes. My neighbor was COMPLETLY NAKED--MASTERBATING --into my freshly clean clothes in the dryer.

I couldn't even move...and my jaw was on the floor. He heard me gasp and ran back to his apartment holding his dick. I called the police and he ended up having to register as a sex offender. Then he got a little punishment of my own. I guess that solved the mystery of why my jeans were standing up on their own.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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