Blog number 5

One day I was blogging about a blog I recently read when I realized that the simple act of me blogging is no different than when I was 16 and would get all worked up, so I'd write down my thoughts in poetry form. Later on I realized that my poetry had become a dumping grounds for emotion, not a place where I could create and work on the gift of word. After that I realized that my thoughts wanted to be shared, to seek validation, otherwise they are totally selfish thoughts and therefore are totally fucking useless. Most random acts based on emotion are.
So, during all of this introspection, it also occurred to me that there are people out there who lack validation in such a way that they will go to great lengths to get it. Say, for instance, writing a blog about someone else. It's one thing to just turn around and dump all these excess feelings in your brain onto a document, it's another thing to try and make others feel bad about themselves. Are you so starved for validation that you are willing to take other's away?
I'll never understand the darkest parts of human nature, because it's pretty insane.
Uploaded 08/11/2011
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