Blog of the morning.

   This just in, UsedCarMan has taken sides with Israel to steal all the cheese from switzerland by force. Switzerland's response, " We have setup thousands of ugdorks guarding the country's militia, The chances of UCM's forces breaking this barricade are slim at best ". Also more breaking news, Mizuka the dumbest fake slut on all of EBW is slowly dying of aids, It's a time of celebration for all to watch that dumb asian bitch who really lives in amsterdam suffer. Also Eatside dave has just declared war on furrypissflaps his reason given was " That fat slut was video taping my cat without my authorization ". ESD is already taking immediate action his plans are to pour acid down her rectum until it melts into her brain and kills her. 
This just in, White_Chocolate and strghtjcktgrl are getting married this Friday, The wedding will be held in the ebaum's town square You are all welcome to attend. Also White_Chocolate and SJG are expecting a baby soon, They have been trying all week and are confident they will get the results they wish for.
Uploaded 11/29/2010
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