Blog Section Changes

I wanted to get a feel for what the greater blog community thought of these ideas. They are mine, so they are probably crap.

The biggest one in my eyes I will list first and is possibly going to happen:

1. Have an option to sort blogs in various ways:
 -By latest comment (vBulletin style)
 -By creation date
 -By view count
 -By rating
 -By most comments

2. Flagged media needs to have a back-end database that shows which user accounts are flagging media. If the same user is flagging good media, they lose the ability to flag any media, or are banned, or something to the like.

3.I understand there is going to be a featured blog page eventually. That's cool. I'd rather there be a table of say, 5 featured blogs on the FRONT PAGE, but you know... wutevs.

4. Edit: Nevermind. I guess wishes do come true!

5. Move the star rating under the title. Have a smaller star rating next to the name that shows the user's average rating (sans 0-rated blogs). It's not a big thing, but a frosting-on-top feature I think would be cool.

6. I'd like to have a close "x" icon next to the blog entries so it disappears off the list for that user so it doesn't take up space on page 1. Sort of like the "x" button on facebook.

7. A "Recent Blogs" list on the profile. Title and date only. Last 5 or so blogs.

8. Stupid Blog button. I don't know what it would do, but I'd like one on every blog. It should make a gratify sound, too. Like that sound a bowling ball makes when it slips from a bowlers fingers and pops No_U in the skull.

Back to Numero One for a moment; I used vBulletin at EBN (don't hate) and here. At first I hated it, and some things I still hate about it. Other things I dig. One thing I did like was how good threads stayed on top by bumping with comments. I've often written blogs here and happened to time it poorly because I'd write them late at night, and wake up in the morning and find that some asshat made 14 blogs that morning and my fucking epic blog about me finding the underlying theory unifying quantum physics and general relativity was knocked to page two by a blog about vagina cheese flavors. In a perfect world, my blog would at least stay on page 1 as we discussed the merits of my math among the more elite ebaums community long enough for me to be informed of my immense faggotry for forgetting to carry a 2.

I think ebaum's blog section is perhaps a diamond in the rough at ebaums. Among blog sites, it's probably one of the best out there, but ebaums is known for videos and not blogs. If word gets out, the blog section I think may take off to something quite a bit bigger.

I'm RJM and I'm a devout follower of DWYGF (Do Whatever You Gotta do to not be a Fuckbag) Church.
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