Blog section.I feel the love.Now swallow,*Update*

Hey you guys sorry I was away for one whole day but I realy needed a break..Soo why are all you guys acting so gayish today(not poophole mansex,but happy)???Well I had a decent xmas. I improved my zombie formula...At least in theory i still need to capture one of those asshole bloggers..Ummm yea..

  Ok now that the crap is out of my system,I am back Yet again!!!Glad to see eshel Blogging about his shit. I dont expect that deuch with the side burns and gay ball tickler patch of hair on his chin to try to be normal...Vagina poo ....Christ man you go from" Im not gay vagina vagina ."to im still not gay "poo poo vagina poo poo". And hes out of shape and old. I can tell because his icon looks like his neck is swelling into his chin..OHH thats why you have a ball tickler so you know where your first chin is!!!hahahhaha

Thats great man get it patanted!!! In all seriousness though lets be friends. But secretly you can send me gay messages in private comments again. But realy guys why all lovey today?? everyone seems happy. Did obama die?? jk i loves that guy hes gonna make people wish bush could be reinstated.jk i hate bush.....Or not? either way i hate fucking liberals.They dont move....

   Ok so i have been thinking about revealing stuff about myself so you people have some ammo .I am sooooo sick of Yew has bad gramer !! And the more famous Your moma...I said it a while ago so here goes.I take pictures of roadkill and put funny captions under them, I cannot be offended........I am not bragging .Here are some ACTUAL facts about me.

1.I am 6,2.   (2).I like anime  (3) And vagina (lol) (4)I am about 200 pounds. (5)I used to put lotion in condoms and put them on my teachers car.  (6)I often talk to the homeless ( they gots great storys), This one time ,one came up to me and said"did you like the movie alien?" and i was all like "uhuh i guess" He then took his false teeth with his toung and made them pop out of his mouth like a tiny alin head....I know gross huh

Ok that is enough for now. 6 facts ...Oh here is another. Umm here are  my favorite shows are in no south specific order .   House,Burn notice, Monk, Law and order CI,Kids in the hall,uprigt citizens brigade and last but not least Death note. the last one didnt count its an anime....

Well good luck all have a good day .if you read this far and disslike me from my other blogs,Wow you are sad arent ya??? Cant get a mate huh??But seriously have a good day all.even you cock breath...

Matt the leader of zombies, now with less incest.....jk still plenty there..

*Update*   Blue did you look at my submissions to check?Damn u dum...Its there its called me and my pook ..I edited her out its a pic from 4 years ago.When i had black hair....LOL THAT WAS STUPID....oh yea you wanna check it out then comment again... Please do ... Gay gay .....Gay!!! blue is gay!! bw bwaaaa GAyyyyyyyy lol.

Good luck im actualy happy with myself look-wise...U ugly

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