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Where the fuck are all the good blogs at?  Which blogs were worth reading out of the thousands on this site? 


If you are a new user here, like myself, you constantly see references to events, or other blogs from that past that were either great, or so horrible, they were infamous.  There are easily two pages of blogs added here a day.  That is a lot of fucking reading.  No offense, but if I miss a weekend, I can never catch back up... There are far too many fucking blogs to go searching yourself... so I propose the following...


Now this idea won't be for everyone, as it's primary purpose is to HELP OTHERS. If your sole purpose is to get others to read your shit, this will be for you, and if your sole purpose is to get people to read other peoples' good blogs, then this is also for you. 


My wife recently built a profile here, after I begged her for a long time to do it.  She would fit in perfectly, but she still is somewhat afraid of the thrashings that happen here.  She loves reading the blogs (with strghtjcktgrl being her favorite), but she has asked me on more than one occasion how to find the good blogs to read.  The "Highest Rated" is not the best indication, as one shithead with a few different accounts can knock the shit out of someones ratings...


So I suggest that each "regular" blogger here write two blogs:


1.)  A Table of Contents


This will outline the 10 blogs that he or she wrote that they feel are their personal favorites.  They should contain links to the blogs, and possibly a short sentence on the content.  10 per user should be sufficient without going overboard.


Some bloggers are liked a lot and it was mentioned that subscribing to someone only notifys you of their uploads and not blog entries.  That sucks ass.  I would subscribe to a shitload of people If I knew when they wrote blogs.  This way, if each regular has their TOC, then anyone can go and read the blogs that a person feels best describes their personality, or the challenges/changes they have gone through.


2.)  A "Suggestions" Blog


This will outline their 10 favorite blogs form OTHER PEOPLE.  Sort of like a working version of "If you liked xxx's blogs, then you will LOVE these:"  Once again this will contain the links and a short quip of what the blog contains for the user...


For instance, I would love to know what the favorite blogs of certain users are.  I am sure that CJ's list would be interesting because she HAS to see EVERY blog pretty much, and spends more time on here, like all moderators, and probably has some valuable input.




Users will get to see what you like, without doing tons of searching.

People will get to pimp their own shit for others viewing pleasure

It's a good way to add a little structure to the blog section



It takes work, research, and linking (and I am not sure the link function in the Blog writing page even works)

It is soley for the benefit of others who read blogs



I am just overwhelmed by the sheer number of blogs on this site and we need some help in finding the best ones and getting them read more. 


We all know that once a blog reaches page 3, it is pretty much looked at very little after that...  and with the massive number of blogs written each day, those pages fly fast.


Some people I would like to see this from are Sin, Sparks, strghtjckgrl, CJ, Big_Bad, Awful, foot, ugdork, bitchonastick, savcam, strictsum, Webb, Killerisme, Eastside, and many others that I can't recall because I am stoned on a saturday afternoon.


You don't even have to a blog writer to get in on this.  Someone who never writes blogs but READS a ton of them might have some good input.  We know of a few of you out there...


What do you guys think?  Am I asking too much of you lazy mother fuckers?


I am HunterDad and I need some help sorting through all this.....

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