Blog Views Quadrupled

Remember when the blogs were usually getting around a 100 views? It was a few months ago. That's when I've said that the quality of blogs should increase and that the section was lame because of some wannabe bloggers (I won't give the names but you probably know who I mean). I've decided to put some effort into making this place read worthy. Instead of the usual hateful, stupid and childish quarrels, I was writing blogs. Soon the views increased slightly.

Not so long ago a new blogger started making a name for her. I have to admit, I didn't like her at first. FrogsLady was making a lot of blogs, some of which where kind of annoying. The more she wrote, the more users started hating on her. The reason was simple - she brought a whole new quality of blogging. Interesting, well written.

Now the views for blogs are finally going up. I've also noticed that more users started to blog. The section is blossoming right now and it would be nice if the process continued. Don't get back to the same bullshit, people. It's trolls that want to bring this place down because all they can do is nag in their comments. Most of them don't even read the blogs - they jump to the comment section for some attention from the genuine bloggers.

Uploaded 02/23/2011
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