My name is ***** and im a Blogaholic,



If your reading this, Then your probally like me, and many other..Who never knew what  the Fuck  a Blog was untill a  Few years ago, i know i never, Nore did a care about Blog's because i never cared about ppl, Especialy Ramdom Fucking ppl with user names and Gay Icons  and i Defently dont Care about those's ppls day to day Crap that they Spam and are able to call it a "blog" w/e that fucking means..

But it wasn't unti'll this Wounderfull Website that These ppl Call EBW,  were i Would surf the pictures and Videos of Hot chicks, Car Crashes, WTF's and much More that a stumbled along a Link to "Blogs"

I read one about How Heff is Dead, Then i read one about sum Lard-ass, Then one about sum chick Who sells Phones to ppl who buy them, and then dont want to buy them and then Buys them.. So i Figure Hey i can write a Story about Thing's and Stuff,

i managed to write an epic "blog" about masterbating,  But to my Dismay, As many ppl that thought it was funny, thoughtt it was not. i guess thats how these "blogs" work.

But Every 5-10 mins i got this Craving to Check to see If anyone View'd or Comented on That shitty masterpiece..

I found my self getting into trouble at work for being on the comp to much, i Just want to know when and how i can get this to End..

My name is ***** and im a Blogaholic,

Uploaded 09/03/2009
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