Blogger noobies

this rin dude is new to blogging and needs to learn some rules. first of theres the blog rules posted if you hover above the Blogs and there's Rules, second you need to follow them. another is theres a netiquette for people who like to blog. youre desperate attempts on getting atention only make you a troll, if you want to be a blogger you need to find interesting topics, especially meaningful ones.

theres more to blogging than just the subject. you need to have writing skills so flooding the body of the blog with a long and uninteresting block of text is lame, good bloggers write the essence of what they tryna say and not something called pardon my french - word diarrea

another important thing and its very important that you learn that is learn about how internet works man. youre trying to be a know it all but you sound like an idiot, especially when you need people to validate your opinion starting dramas with other users

this leads to posting pms as blog, this is the sign of failure. from you, a person who posts pms to public does it as a cry for help and needs peoples backup. I write on many website and met a lot of people like you who think they are hip but they dont dig anything and ignore whenever people tell them how wrong they are, they keep being ignorant, especially when theres more people that try to act like their friends but they dont agree

so keep writing blogs not troll bull yo, later bloggers
Uploaded 08/26/2011
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Tags: trolls gonna hate