Blogging Tournament Whos Down?

My plan to get this blog section on its fucking feet. Here is my idea. We have a blogging tournament. When you comment on this blog, i want you to give me some topics to write about. And what we will do is have whomever wants to compete all write about that certain topic. Anybody who wants to participate can. Then after everybody posts up there blogs about the same topic, in the comments we all give them a rating, between 1 and 10. The person with the highest average at the end of the tournament wins.

Look people, im just trying to get this place going. Our blog section has nothing that is going to get other people to say "Hey let me become part of this blogging community" The only reason someone would start blogging here is because its so fucking dead and they might think they could get this bitch going.

This is my plan, hate or like it, i dont mind. I just think this tournament is a good idea. So if your with me, post up some topics we should all write about and lets get this fuckin ball rolling.

The topic will be picked randomly, by, well i guess me since im trying to start this shit up. Since im going to pick the topic, i will not submit my idea for what the topic should be.

Uploaded 06/07/2009
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