Blogs That Are Not Blogs PT. 1

So after seeing my blog deleted when it was well written, had good grammar, and was over 500 words I see a lot of shit blogs on Ebaums that I feel detract from the blog section.  While some morons may argue they get comments the comments are only comments of how the blog makes for bad reading. Let me give you a few examples:


1. Spammers:  This is obvious.  The blog may be interesting.  It may even help you to make solar panels, which seems cool.  Alas the dead give away is always the re-direct or a phone number or some other place designed to make you pay.  WTF are they thinking.  This is the internet, and we pay for NOTHING.  ARRGHHH Matey.


2. Quick Blogger:  This actually encompasses almost every blog on here now so I will be more precise.  The opitomy of a quick blogger is someone who is just trying to put something on consistently.  They do not have the ambition to make an original title much less an original idea in their body.  Titles may even be as simple as an increasing 123... number system.  As for the body it is just someone quickly typing out disjointed thoughts to elicit comments.  Although a blog asking for comments is cool once in a while it is nice when a blog contains some original well thought out ideas of it's own.  In such a case the comments will be even better.  Some may argue, "Hey it is getting comments," to this I say STFU you stupid douche it is making us all stupid, and making the blog section a mockery.Usually good sites have proper rules to delete Quick blogging but not always as we see here.



3. Re-Hash NEWS Blogger :  This is someone who is not intentionally trying to piss you off but eventually does.  At first you see a NEWS story you are interested in, and they submitted and comment.  Then as you look back on the blog section you see that this is a fucking habit for these assholes.  They merely do a quick write up on a NEWS story, and put in a link.  Well FUCK THAT.  Blogs should have at least some of your own ideas.  NEWS should be linked elsewhere.



4.  Celebrity Loving Bitch Blogger : These blogs are much like the Re-hashed NEWS blogs.  The difference is they are aboot someting that no one should be paying close attention to.  That is other peoples private lives.  I would love a blog aboot how awesome Mel Gibson is, and how cool it was that he called her a no good whore, and then pooped on her face.  What I do not like is someone posting it as any semblence of NEWS.  That is wrong, and I believe in the Passion one of the ten commandments was, "I will not be a celebrity loving bitch Blogger."



5.  2-Blogger  :  Much like 2-Pac only with no bitches no money, and living in (insert cliche here) This asshole puts up 5 blogs all at once.  Then stops for months, and does the same stupid shit all over.  Look Asshole.  We only have so much time to read shit, and when you put your blogs so close together it tells me you think they are shit.  Therefore the quality is so low that you may as well put out the crap like you just had a mexican Fiesta.  Well I will gloss over it just as quickly.


Well.  That covers a good portion of ass-hats on so I will sign off for now.  I may make later blogs on how to combat these problem bloggers.  I hear they hate garlic, and are afraid of crosses but I have yet to try it.  So until next time.  Goodbye and Goodnight.

Uploaded 07/22/2010
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