If you've read Tyaeda's blog she wrote yesterday where she whined about the blog section being full of bugs and terribly coded, and if you don't know the basics of how coding works, you probably thought that this site's coders do a shit job. Quite the contrary, actually.

The thing about whiny dilettantes is that they are blaming others while it's themselves who are to blame. Furthermore, it's uncommon for a whimpering dork like Tyaeda to express her frustration, by further proving how much of an idiot she is.

Okay, so first off, about the supposed issue with the code. There is no issue with that here. If you're having trouble with the formatting, it's because you're using an unsupported browser (most likely Google Chrome). Someone in the comments said that it's a recent issue and that one of the admins said that they are on it. Which is untrue. Chrome has caused issues with formatting (for example, the paragraphs wouldn't show up, unless you doubled them) for much over a year. And it's the browser's fault.

So yeah, how to overcome a supposed issue? Use a different browser, for example. It's not like the coders here have to optimise the code for a few dorks who can't get firefox. Opera works great for blogging here. Actually, that's my favorite browser and I use it. As you can see, my blogs come out formatted properly.

Another thing is, the blog writing engine here has this option called 'view as HTML.' If you're not old or you didn't go to a shit school, you most likely had basics of HTML coding explained at IT class in high school. I know I had. So... if it doesn't let you format the paragraphs, put the br and p indicators there directly. It's that simple, Tyaeda.

As for the websites coders, they're doing a great job. It's pitiful that a bunch of retards would more likely blame them for their own stupidity. Another thing is, Tyaeda complained about her embedded video not showing up, when what she did was, she copied the embed code line directly into the blog's body and didn't use the EMBED button, making an even bigger idiot out of herself trying to say that the embed option doesn't work.

Let me give you the tip of the day now. If you don't know how to do something, either ask someone who can for help. Otherwise you can sound like a retard complaining about the farmer having a rabid horse because he kicked you when you stood behind him and pulled his dick for fun. It's neither the farmer nor the horse to blame. It's you and your stupidity.

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