Blow Up Doll Crisis

When I went to work this morning I didnt expect to somewhat re-live the thrill of last fridays xmas party... but I did. When I got to work I went to get my coffee at tim hortons and headed outside for a cig with fellow coworkers. As I make my way inside to the elevator theres this nice mexican family of three who seem to be going to church twice a week waiting by the door. They ask me if I can get a certain lawyer to come and get them as I explain we need a keycard to get in before 9am for security measures. The lawyer theyre looking for is on my floor so I take them up with me.


I told them to take a seat and wait while I went to get their attorney and on my way to her office, I spot the blowup doll Charles got for a gift, bending over Shirleys chair! I think about these 3 very catholic looking people in the waiting section up front and how they have to go through there to get to their lawyers office. My natural self wouldve been thrilled to leave it there for the kicks of obersving the reactions from a distance but this job means a lot to me so my responsible self took over. I grabbed the thing franticly trying to hide it in my coat. Like the entire doll could fit in the coat with me, right!


So I barely make my way to Charles' office as they all walk towards me in the hall. I close the door behind me and give a furious yet amused look to the guy while he makes signs to tell me not to speak because hes on speaker phone with someone important. The words '' dude hide your blow up doll, clients are here'' could not escape my mouth at that precise moment. For some fucking odd and lucky reason no one saw me rushing to hide the sex toy. I asked later on, just to make sure. Charles came out of his office later with the biggest shit eating grin ive seen in a looooong time, all proud of the events hes responsible for.


'' it was such a thrill, dont you think? Lets do it again sometime!!! ''

Uploaded 12/14/2009
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