Blue Please return. These guys are boring.

Haha ..  Blue if you read this ,I am sorry.  That is all I have to say. As for Obvious closet cases You suck compared to blue(Thats you moobie). At least he could realy give a good insult..Ellimem You are good but blue had followthrough. I admit I have bad grammar I even avoid fixing it , But who the fuck gives a shit? Someone who is trying to insult me? who else would realy give two shits? I don't.

The real reason Eric eshel decided to attack me was when i made my other new blue account, he sent me a message saying how I (matt) am these accounts. (This one and my one for commenting [F_ckYou]).  He went on to say "don't let him get you down ,he is on myspace and here is his shit". I responded with "You are Theliquidsinner".That was all.He responded with what i can only explain as a written blowjob to Blue explaining how he was sorry he had taken shit so far and he swears on his kids that he was not me.To wich i responded something like "Bullshit man admit it.".....haha ..I admit it was stupid to think I could pull off blue .But i realy had no intention of doing anything bad on that account. I assumed someone would take it.I was just going to leave was not against the rules to use an account name of someone who left. And I know people are aloud to have multiple account names. Look if i offended anyone besides Eshel.I am honestly sorry. But I did have fun... I admit I am a bastard. But it was very dramatic today no?? I will have my other commenting account up. I clearly don't care about ereps. I blog for fun. Blue if you read this Honestly man I am sorry. But i expected you to attack me at every turn.I enjoyed our exchanges. Eshel You have proven to be exactly what you are. A closet case....Haha just kidding man...Honestly lets put it behind us....Not literaly Eric eshel. Look Bloggers if I did anything offencive to you guys while  playing my stupid blue dress up .I am sorry to you. Honestly ...Eshel You attacked blue long before i was here on ebaums and You lost ... So please stop sending me Pms. I do not care. Everyone here knows my style by now.It's bad but I enjoy writing it.

Sorry guys, Not you vaseline puppeteer...

Matt The guy who is clearly not Blue... But hey f_ckyou eshel...haha


Oh and I did not say i won. I said i enjoyed te exchanges and i was sorry for anything that may have offended blue. I am not acting like I am above anyone. I am sorry if you feel I am. Realy i do not claim to have won.I lost but i enjoyed it. Im strange.

*Update eshel* Im gonna use my trump card one of these days. I still think its funny you claimed that you had temp mod status and were going to delete me by the end of a countdown...Haha stop pretending to be civil..anyone who read your blog sees you are a two-faced fuck. You did your best Puppet queen ,But I am still holding to my cards. Pussy.

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