Bo, Don't Be Tricked So Easily.

  I Finaly Have A Chance To Respond To Your Views On The Unempolyment Funding. Here's Is How It Went Down. The Dems Passed PAYGO Awhile Back, What It Says Is That The Congress Can't Spend Money Unless They Raise Taxes Or Cut Programs To Fund Any New Spending. This Is A Great Idea And I Fully Back It. What Happend Was That When The Money For Uneployment Benifits Ranout The Dems Wanted To Just Give That Money Up And Ignore The Law That They Promoted. The Republicans Thought That Laws Should Be Followed And Said "Hey You Guys, You Have To Follow The Law That You Passed, But We Understand You Don't Want To Raise Taxes On Such A Public Issue, And You Damn Sure Don't Want To Cut Any Programs, So What We Propose Is That We Use Some Of The Unspent Stimulus Money To Pay For The Poor Suffering Unemployed Voters."

What The Dems Did Was Saw An Opening To Blame The Republicans In The Press For Hating The Poor And Starving Children While Failing To Mention PAYGO And The Excess Stimulus Money And The Media Ate It Up As Usual.  If Any One Has Any Questions Feel Free To Ask.

Uploaded 07/24/2010
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