Bob is retarded

Ok so my cousin, Pat, who is turning 20 in September is staying at my our grandparent's house for the summer while he's on break from college. This is because he got an internship at my dad's work and we have a dog and 2 cats that he is allergic to and his other grandparents have a dog that he's allergic so OUR grandparent's house was the only pet-free one available for him to stay at. Haha.

So anyway, he and my dad have been working on his car a few days a week for about 2 weeks at my house and my grandparent's house ( mainly my house ). Well one day last week they were working on it here at our house and Pat stayed for supper. While we were eating, Pat decided to tell the story about how his little brother, Bob, who is 15 got into a little trouble with the law.

The story went a little something like this:


One night ( Pat couldn't remember if it was right before or right after school let out for the summer this year ) Pat went to his girlfriend Ali's house but came home early because he was tired. He went to bed and was just drifting off to sleep when he hears the phone ring and my aunt, Leslie pick it up in the next room. A few seconds later he hears her yell, " Oh shit!". So he waits and a few minutes later she comes running into his room and she goes, " Bob's getting arrested, we're going down to Sue's."

Sue is a close friend of my cousin's family and she, her husband, and their son, Brian, who is one of Bob's best friends, live a few houses down ( or up, I'm not sure ) from Leslie, Jeff ( my uncle ), Pat and Bob.

 So Pat hears both of his parents leave and then lays awake in bed for about 10 more minutes wondering whether he should get up and get involved or not. Finally he decides to hop on his bike and ride down to Sue's. He gets there and she informs him that his parents had just left for home with Bob and told Pat that he should get home before they start to worry about him. Before he left, Pat asked her what was going on.

She told him that Bob, Brian, and a few of their other friends were out walking at about 10:30 that night and one of them decided that it would be really funny if they waited for a car to come by and act like they were beating one of the boys up. So a car comes by and they kinda shoved Bob a little bit and Bob played along and kinda stumbled and then they acted like they were punching and kicking him. So the car slows down and stops to call the cops. Now, instead of running to the nearest house that one of the boys lived in, they stand there, like a deer in the headlights. So eventually they walk back to Brian's house and don't go in but stand on the front lawn talking about how funny it was.

So it's all fun and games and then a cop shows up. He asks the boys, " Do you guys know about anyone getting beat up around here tonight?"

They all shake their heads and say, "Oh, nope we haven't heard anything about anyone getting beat up tonight."

So they cop goes, " Are you sure?"

So they all break down and reply, " YES! It was us! "

So they boys didn't get in any trouble but all of their parents got called to pick them up at Brian's and the cop obviously told them not to do it again. Bob was crying and everyone was shaken up; except Brian. After the cop left he just stood there gigling and said, " Well, it could've been worse."

But hey, that's Brian.

Bob used to get on eBaum's World but I'm not sure if he does anymore and I don't know if he has an account or not.

So Bob, if you're reading this, way to go.

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