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My blogs are notoriously controversial. Marrying prostitutes, the end of the world, government conspiracies etc.

This one is about something of interest whether we believe in it or not. Religions and cultures all have different perspectives on it. The After life!

what happens? Is there an after life or not? Do we remain here or go somewhere else? If we remain do we remain visible or not? If we go somewhere else where do we go?

In the book the animal farm, there is a crow who tells the animals when they die, they go to a happy place over the mountains. Dane Cook joked that an atheist says when he dies he will turn into a big beautiful tree. He then goes to say a Christian will come chop him down and turn him into a bible. In Monty Pythons flying circus theres a scene where a man kills himself on a t.v. show so they can interview him about the after life. Of course he dies and they ask him hows the after life... no response. General Patton believed he had lived many different lives, like a reincarnationist.

Is it all just a childrens story to give us false hope? I was reading a buncha stories online about people who have near death experiences. Sometimes when youre about to die, or youre in so much pain, your brain has a defense mechanism: you go into a sort of shock to deal with the pain. The thing that struck me as odd is how so many people from different cultures had similar stories of the NDE.

The stories involved a soul, or a person going through different stages in the after life that involved giving up material items, resolving problems in the past and learning to give up the lust for goods, and let go of your material self.

Whether or not theres an after life, if Im cursed to come back as an animal or different person, or if I go to a beautiful place in another dimension, I like to think that theres something more to life. That I dont just work for the man till I die and thats it. What are your thoughts?


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