Bomb Syria

                John McCain is calling for air strikes against Syria.  I respect his military service.  He was a POW for crying out loud.  However, McCain lost my support.  Some politicians were putting forth a plan to stop military pensions.

                Currently, if you serve 20 years in the military, you automatically get a pension.  This new plan would stop that.  The plan calls for a 401K type of retirement plan for the military.  It will affect you if you have served one day of active duty, or 19 years of active duty.  There is no grandfathering.  McCain supported this plan.

                Now McCain wants to send military members into another war.  Im not sure of what his stance was on the air strikes against Libya.  I do know that a lot of people slammed Obama for opening a third front (we were still in Iraq at the time).  War is expensive.  We are having an issue with our budget.  And he wants to drop bombs. 

                In no way am I condoning what the Syrian government is doing.  They are killing their own citizens.  But this has happened before.  Where was McCain when this was happening in Darfur? 

                What do you have to say?


Uploaded 03/08/2012
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