I have a fetish that I'm sure many men do, but I truly believe that mine is to the extreme. I have fetish for large breast, not those fake, doctor made breast but the real size 44 EE breast. Now I know a lot of guys say,that is way to big or more than a hand full is a waste, but I feel totaly the opposite. I once dated a girl who was so ugly, she truly had only one eye and did not wear a patch or anything, but she had the biggest , most beautiful set of tits I thought I have ever seen at the time. I will actualy go to the mall or a place were there is a large consentration of people just to catch a glimpse of some big boobs. Am I crazy or just a pervert, a stalker maybe. I hope non of these things, because I would never hurt anybody I just want to suck those tits. I have been with the same women for about seven years, and she has almost a D-cup but they are fake. She knows how I feel, but she thinks I like all boobs. She does not Know it is a natural fetish. I left a high school sweat heart who was very pretty and popular for a slighty chubby non popular girl. Why? Because she had those two huge gifts from god himself. Needless to say my freinds and family thougt I was nuts, but I just needed what this other girl had. Latley I have been striking up conversations with total strangers I see at the  grocerie store or wal-mart who are top-heavy, with good success as far as phone numbers go. This does make me feel bad because like I said I do have a girlfreind. Also thank god for the INTERNET!

Uploaded 10/30/2008
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