Knockers, sweater puppy's, fun bags, lip rests, real love handles,radio dials, juicers, and pillows. I am sorry but I at least wanted you to take a look at this blog so while you are already here take a look. I just heard that Mr. Obama is having trouble getting his Health Care plan pushed through and I say OK but I haven't heard HIS plan. It seems to me that he said hey guys fix it and then stepped back and if that is true then WRONG! Health care is such a big problem we cant get it solved over night or even in 5 years, the problem we have is we just have no patients. A very smart Senator from Minn named Hubert Humphrey (spelling could be wrong) had a great idea.........his Idea was to get a broad picture and start changing thing's a little at a time instead of trying to change it all at once. Trying to do it all at once will NOT work and they all know it so they keep on "NOT trying" under the guise of working hard on a solution, as long as they appear to be trying well..........


I went to the doctor today and had some stuff done (penis reduction for the old lady because I am a stand up guy) but when I was gainfully employed and had insurance this procedure cost me 260.00 out of pocket and now that I am on SSD and get medicare I had to pay 645.00. You want to fix health care???? Then take care of people who need the help, for crying out loud I worked and paid in this Medicare for 33 years and now when I need the help the most what is done??? This is the place to start and before you say something stupid if I was still working I would STILL FEEL THE SAME, because that is what a true conservative is, help the ones who need it and not give hand outs to everyone with a hand.


Thanks for reading and send all donations to the Bohank health Care fund right to ME.


Uploaded 06/18/2009
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