Book of Rewild Genesis reinterprettion

Preface: for those who are ready to acuse me of pushing religion, I am not here to do any such thing. My beliefs are in fact entirely made up and i mock myself for them often enough. the point of this story is not to take it lieterally, because it's just an allegory for the nature of humanity and society. though it's about gods and magic, those things aren't important, they're just there to make a point. what you should take from this is what it is saying about humans and thier nature and how society and settlement effect this. now that you're adequately prepared, let's begin.



In the beginning there existed four gods who quarreled over the nature of evil in their world. One contended that to allow their creations to perish so others could survive was unjust of them as th overseers of life. Another contended that the weak had to perish so that the strong could emerge amongst their creations. Still another believed that another system was possible, wherein their creations could live eternally as they did.
Time went on and their creations did curse them every moment for the suffering of this world. The gods suffered with them every moment with no way to ease their pain, until a solution was born. Together they crafted a great tree which would bear a fruit only the gods could consume, for were a mortal to consume such a fruit it would merely stagnate in their system eternally. This fruit granted to them the knowledge of what was good and what was evil, and with it's knowledge they looked upon their creations again.
They saw a lion descend upon a gazelle and compelled that gazelle to it's freedom. the lion cursed them for he would not eat this day and they appeared to him as one and said unto him 'you have not eaten this day so that the gazelle may live, but you will eat the next day, then you shall live' and the lion was at peace. the next day they allowed the lion to bring down the gazelle and as the gazelle died it cursed the gods. They appeared to him as one and said onto him 'we have allowed you to die this day, for we allowed you to live the previous day. now the lion may live.' and he was at peace.
To this system they balanced emotions similiarly so that every feeling had it's oposition and only thier exitence together could maintain them. Without pain there was no pleasure, without suffering there was no joy and so on. They allowed only one feeling to be exempt. What the gods felt for thier creations had no oposite and they did not see fit to create one. Doubtless that anything but a god could fathom of such a feeling, though they were all created capable. they looked upon thier system together and saw it was good.
This system flourished well and all creations were at peace for a time, until the creation called human came upon the tree. When he questioned the gods about this tree they said onto him. 'If you eat of this tree, you will surely perish.' For they knew that the fruit of the gods granted no power to humanity and would merely stagnate in their system eternally, yet the nature of humans was such that if they ate of the fruit, they would surely believe they had the knowledge of the gods. This arrogance would compel them to their own destruction, for none can flourish outside the hands of the gods. The human had heard of this tree and knew it's fruit gave the gods the knowledge that allowed them to govern all their creations, and immediately ate of the fruit. the human believed then that great knowledge had been given to him, and that he was as the gods now, and so set out to take his life from their hands and into his own.
The gods were saddened by the foolish actions of their creation and condemned him that he would strain himself with great effort each day so that he may eat the food that sustains every one of the god's creations. While all other creations eat of the food that the gods hand them, the humans would henceforth create their own food. The humans did just this, and believed it was good. they produced such food that thier population grew immensely and they expanded outward over the land, destroying the god's other creations so that they could not compete with them for food. The gods wished to strike down the humans then after looking upon what their ignorance had done, but they stayed their wrath, assuring themselves that the humans could not thrive outside their hands for long. and so they set to waiting.

Note: All apologies to Daniel Quinn, This piece based on a chapter from his book 'Ishmael'. I encourage everyone who is prepared for drastic spiritual discovery to pick up a copy.

And apologies to whatever person or persons wrote the fall of humanity part of genesis, I think I realized what you were really trying to say, but maybe i fucked it up.


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