Books, Likes and dislikes

Things i like

I like monkeys........ or chimps, not sure which i like more, especially the one`s that throw fecsis at each other........ thats cute. I also like arm-wrestling, its fun to beat someone else`s ass. Makes me feel like a bigger, hairyer, most handsome-est man on the face of this planet. I really dig my hair colour too. Eyes, i am in mad love with Eye contact i have with girls, some guys are ass men, or breast men, dont get me wrong, those are nice but I dig the eyes. My favorite beer is probably eather Bud Light, Miller High life, Or Michelob Ultra. Playing my guitar, i think completes me most of all.

Things i DONT like

When people consistantly offer me stuff, like, "Play guard", at Movie Gallery. Being told to shave my arms, or lower neck. Slow people in the fast lane. HEAVY set people that wear TIGHT clothing, I know its America and you can do what ever the hell you want, but please have some self-respect. When people tell me what to do, because apparently they know me better than i do myself. When people tell me that im afraid, when im just Leary of something. Losing weight all of the sudden and then having to go out and buy new cloths. Going from 270lbs, to 225lbs is a big change.

Well I feel better now. 


Ive only finished A clockwork Orange, and Anthem. Im halfway through Interview. And man those are some weird books. A clockwork Orange is well,...... strange, and Anthem is very interesting, its based in a futurastic society where people have no names, and are basically dummies, who are told what to do, so they do it. Oh, and they are not allowed to question anything. And the books main character does, he very smart and philosophical.

Ive been reading alot of books lately, all fiction, Ive read, A clockwork Orange, Interview with a Vampire, Anthem and Queen of the Damned.

Clockwork is also kinda futurastic, the book was wrote in the sixties, and is based around 2005.  Anyway the book deas with Alex, a murderous 15-year old slash rappist. He is in a gang, in London, and gets himself in quite a bit of trouble and is sent to prison. While in prison, he Voulentears to go through a Detox program, to rid him of his violent ways. When he leaves prison, he greated with some old freinds who have held a grudge agaisnt him, and thats where the books get interesting, its mainly about human change, and behavier. DONT watch the movie. The book is so much different, and the movie is such a bad representation of the book.

Well im done here.


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