I'm upset...  Tonight, I was going to try to just relax.  Tonight is the night my husband does his sleep study to see if he's having seizures in his sleep, his body just constantly thinks its dying, or something else is wrong.  I was going to have a mug of tea or cocoa, eat some popcorn, read a book, take a hot bath, get to bed a bit early and fall asleep watching Firefly. 


... I have no popcorn...

I'm so upset!  I think the hubs threw it away because he doesn't like popcorn and figured it was just the stuff his grandma randomly sends us (she sends us some of the weirdest shit, like a can of clams), probably forgetting that I LOVE popcorn.  :(

So, that sort of ruined it all for me.  Now I have to figure out something to snack on that's as delicious as the popcorn was going to be.  And it was going to be a perfect night for it, too- there's a nice thunderstorm going on (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be on the computer during a thunderstorm...)

Any thoughts on something as deliciously awesome as my popcorn was going to be?  And going to the store to get some isn't an option as my daughter is asleep and I'm not going to wake her for that, no matter how much I'd like to.  I'm thinking I may just make some scrambled eggs and bacon...

Uploaded 07/31/2008
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