bored and watching movies

so its like 1 in the morning and i just finished watching a movie. im actually supposed to be working but thats the benefit of being the boss i guess. anyway, im a big time movie nut. i have a dvd collection thats a little over 3 thousand now. i guess you could say my hobby delves into the realm of compulsion.

i just finished watching the movie Never Back Down. i wasnt really expecting much so i waited for it to come to dvd. i must say. however, i was pleasantly surprised. nevermind it was a complete knock off of the original karate kid. no, i take that back. knock off makes it sound like a cheap remake and it was anything but. the exact same story and plot points were given a modern spin and the end result was a quality movie.

now ive trained in the martial arts for 23 years and i guess you could call me a bit of a traditionalist. that being said the new ufc craze pisses me off to no avail. do i think these men arent talented? no, they absolutely are. what disgusts me is the trendiness of it all. 10 years ago people would call you a pussy for kicking and now its accepted practice. i dont like how any douchebag can walk into an mma gym and train for a couple months, then think hes a badass and call himself a 'cagefighter'. ive trained almost my entire life and i resent the douchiness of it all. that attitude has left a bad taste in my mouth about all things MMA.

anyway ive gone off topic. so i went into this endeavor already prejudiced about this movie. however i was pleasantly surprised. i suggest anyone who like a good underdog story with a 'never give up' theme see this movie. its definetely among my favorites this year, the soundtrack isnt bad either.

i also just finished the season of the sarah connor chronicles. it was a pretty good show too. it takes place in between the second and third terminator movies, pretty entertaining all in all. im definetely waiting for the season 3 of supernatural, that show never fails to excite. however im a very impatient person. npthing pisses me off more than when youre watching a show, and at a climactic point, you get the dreaded 'to be continued'. this pisses me off so much,, i usually wait for the show to come out on dvd and then i hole up in my living room to watch the whole season.

anyway, i guess their is no real point to this blog. i was just kind of excited about the movie and i decided to share. check that movie out if you get a chance, it wont disappoint



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