Boredom at work

Okay so I work for a Franchise store that sells verizon wireless. i guess this is kind of a rant

but i had a customer come in and look into our wireless aircards which is the internet for your laptop and such. he decides he wants it i explain the rebate on the card and that there will be an activation fee and his monthly plan. I set it all up he signs his contract as im reviewing his contract and goin over what his next bill will look like. He decides he dont want it! by this time im totally irratated but calm i call one of my coworkers at the other store to figure out what to do. i have him get on the phone with verizon themselves and they convince him to buy it but suspend the service on it till he wants to actually use it. he says he wont use it all the time but just on certain occasions when he will need it. so he ends up buying it. it just irratates me that people do this stuff.. Make sure its what you want before you buy it save the employee the hassel of sellin it to you if you dont really want it. he just wanted to by the aircard out right and i cant sell it to him out right. he didnt like that . UGH yeah anyways back to work i go

Uploaded 08/29/2009
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