Born To Be Evil

I went to this gay club last night. I want whatever light bulbs they use in there to follow me home. I think theres some kind of magic in them that makes people look really attractive. As soon as 2am hits and the normal lights turn on you're fucked.

"Oh wow didn't see that giant mole on your face you were sporting and that Adams apple... you always had that?"

Anyways this happened to me and there comes a point where you suck it up and ride it out or you make up some unbelievable lie and getting the fuck out.

I opted for the 2nd choice. She was in the middle of asking me"So where to now" and i cut her off and put one finger up, i fumbled for my cell phone and pretended like I was talking on it. Still holding up one finger at her and acting like i was having a hard time hearing what the other person is saying. I slowly stepped away still having a hard time hearing them I moved a little more away and saying things like " she did what!? ugh i can barely hear you speak up!" I told the "person" on the phone hold on and  the girl? it..whatever it was " I'm just going to step outside to hear better Ill be right back ok?" quickly put the phone back up to my ear and walked out of the bar and got in my car and went home.

The 2nd one option might be mean but at least I still have my dignity

The tricky part is seeing them a few weeks later and them asking what happens. Thats when you play the "Oh I'm Sorry have we met" Card

Uploaded 05/28/2008
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