Bottom Review: Series 1-3

Bottom is a slapstick comedy show that was broadcast on BBC2 in the 1990s. It starred Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson as the two characters named Eddie and Richie.

So there was 3 series made, which aired between 1991 and 1995, and here I have the DVD box set in all its glory. So the episodes are in the classic 4:3 aspect ratio, which was the size of the telly screens back then, but when I put the DVD on my telly, it goes into 16:9 aspect ratio without any sort of cropping issues. I cant really explain that I mean Ive got no problems with it, but if you guys know what kind of sorcery this is, then comment J

Now Ill begin with the interesting stuff:

Series 1 kicks off with an episode called smells, which sees the two sad, pervy individuals testing out pheromone sprays in order to attract birds as they say but to no avail.

Then throughout the rest of the series youre got classic episodes such as Gas which is one of my all-time favourites. Then so on and so forth, amounting to 6 episodes in total or 3 hours of pure outrageous comedy.

What I like the most about series one is that you can tell theres not much budget to be playing around with, so mostly its the two characters in their squalid little flat getting up to all sorts of endeavours. For example, Bottoms Up and Contest sees the two characters bouncing off each other literally (they fight a lot), but the chemistry between the two characters is perfect, with the scheming, alcoholic Eddie and the flamboyant yet perverted Richie getting up to all sorts.

 But, my favourite episode which consists of just the two characters has to be S Out where the two characters go camping in the wilds of Wimbledon Common. This brings me onto series 2, which the aforementioned episode is a part of.

Series 2 is where they start introducing more characters and giving them slightly more significant roles. In series 1 they were shown, but mainly just as cameos. Youve got Spud Gun and Dave Hedgehog, who are Eddies best friends, so that says a lot about them, then theres episodes such as Parade, which takes place out of the squalid flat studio setting, as does S Out, which suggests there was a slightly bigger budget to play with.

Now with all the new characters allowing new storylines, and something new for the audience, I cant help but still say that I prefer the simplicity of series 1, whereby it was a lot more condensed where the focus was placed mainly on Eddie and Richie. But thats just my personal preference, and even though I prefer that, I still cant help but have a love for the classic Christmas Special episode on series 2 called Holy. In this episode, a disastrous Christmas meal get together with Eddie, Richie, Spud Gun and Dave Hedgehog ends up with Richie thinking hes the Virgin Mary after believing hes found the second coming of baby Jesus on his doorstep hilarious.


Finally you have series 3, which was the last series of Bottom. In series 3, there are a lot of episodes filmed in various different locations; however there appears to be more emphasis on Eddie and Richie in this particular series. So youve got the first episode such as Hole, where the two characters are stuck on a Ferris wheel hundreds of feet in the air, during which they fight, become friends again, and then theres some divine intervention yeah, outrageous and hilarious, as are the rest of the episodes throughout this series. The final episode of series 3 called Carnival is a fantastic send-off for Eddie and Richie. During a riot, they steal a BBC news camera and use it to attempt to do some Youve Been Framed style videos in an attempt to make some money inadvertently they find that the camera contained a VHS video of the Prime Minister engaging in sadomasochistic sex acts, and after trying to blackmail the Prime Minister with the video, they attract the SAS whereby two characters are shot multiple times and killed. A gruesome end, but it was till funny non-the-less.

That concludes my review for the TV series. In another review Ill be covering the movie based on the TV series called Guest House Paradiso so watch this space.


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