Bowling Night

I just got home from work when I noticed Jim's car pulling into the drive. He would show up once a week or so to shoot the shit.  It was  a little odd since it was Tuesday. He usually came round on a week end. I grabbed a six pack and met him on the porch.


Jim loved to talk about sports. He knew baseball, team records,  batting averages, RBIs, strikeouts, who was hot and who wasn't. He knew football, QB ratings, receptions, rushing stats, punting averages. He knew hockey, Shots on goal, saves, penalties and who had a hat trick. And basket ball and NASCAR and on and on.


But one thing he didn't know very well was his own wife. Jenny  was an attractive, intelligent, and low key. And he didn't know that every night when he left for bowling league, she left to come to my place


I never meant to be "that guy". But I had been pretty lonely since my divorce, and she seemed pretty lonely too. I stopped by his place one time, not realizing it was his bowling night. She and I ended up talking for over an hour. Next thing I knew I was" forgetting" a lot that he was bowling. We would  always end up talking, about everything but sports. Then one evening she showed up at my place on bowling night. She wasn't here for 10 minutes before we ended up in the sack, and then it was every week. I don't know how many times, while he was droning on about Tiger Woods or Jimmy Johnson or Tom Brady that I almost blurted out " you know I'm balling your wife every week", but I never did.


So Jim downed his last beer, got up and said "well I gotta go pick up my bowling stuff." He walked down to the car and as he was closing the door he said,"say hi to Jenny for me" and he drove away. 



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