Brad Who Worked At Blockbuster Invited People There To He Was 30

There was a person named Brad who worked at Blockbuster Around the year 2000 to 2011. By the year 2011 the store was closed down do to bankruptcy and was not making enough money. I remember I was 15 years old use to go to Blockbuster to buy PlayStation 2 video games every kid was there at the store, the store felt like a hang out for gamer's, Brad was happy to cause he was making allot of money since every one bought allot of PlayStation 2 Games. Brad was a bald person, who was 5 ft 8 inches, had a mustache and goatee that was yellow well the color was yellow. I remember one time in line he told every one to all the kids "Hey kids is it okay if I can drive to your School's you go to and invite more kids to Blockbuster?" They replied "Yes". So few weeks past it was summer time Brad came to our school it was 3:00 PM Noon every one ready to go home every one cheered him since he was a cool person cause he worked at a video game and movie store Blockbuster.
When I went to Blockbuster in the summer time the line was full, he told this kid "You know me and you can play PS2 video games and watch movies together if your interested? " The 17 year old kid told him "Sure"I mean why does a middle age 30 year old man wants to play video games with a 17 year old?
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