brainfarting, egg-salad style

   In the beginning there was Easter, at least for us kids raised christian, and what that meant was boring ass church, boring ass dinner at the grandparents house, an egg hunt, toys and candy.               The church going wasn't so regular in my home, but what I will always remember so strongly is that Easter was a holiday on par with all the more rewarding, fun holidays like Halloween, my birthday and Christmas, where you get stuff for little more than existing.   So as I age and watch this younger generation enjoy the labors of their parents injecting wonder and hope into their young lives I'm struck by a disturbing thought ringing with truth.   Amping these kids up for a few key days out of the year is the kind of shit that leads them into a lifestyle of clock-watching and anxious impatience that people's concern is centralized on the next, best thing instead of what they got.   My faith has grown along with my body, and one of the few things I think might be true concerning Jesus is that what we consider holiday celebrations would be downright obscene in his eyes.   Most know the story, after his ministry of three years he was finally betrayed and murdered for his violation of the biblical law, three days later POOF, he's not a corpse and our chance at heaven begins; what part of all that says "buy chocolate rabbits and marshmallow peeps, disregarding their references to fertility and renewal.   Motherfucker, a big point of Jesus' ministry was trying to discard religious influence in his church so people would quit trying to enlist in God's army and maybe try to know him on a personal level, like family.   Same goes for christmas, as far as I'm concerned, but I'll staunch my ranting at this, if you teach your kids to respect a holiday, why is it that they respect it?

   Is Timmy really excited at the promise of eternal life or does he just keep nodding because he saw you get a bag of candy out of the trunk?   How about you, is the message what your selling, or do you just enjoy the celebration?   If Gods what counts to you then make it about God, but don't party it up in his name and expect it to mean a damn thing unless you would do so every day of the year.


                                                               HAPPY EASTER


                                                                   GOD BLESS,


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