brainfarting Pt.Phweeet

   my Grandma's cat Molly is having kittens right now, and it will be her first litter to date.

   It is amazing how something so profound as the progeneration of a species can have such a massive impact on your emotions for a short period, and then as the miracle has time to settle into the daily hustle and bustle it becomes something mundane, even boring.   I keep finding my thoughts relating to mortality and the less cuddly aspects of nature today, and maybe thats just where my mind should be.   For every blessing God demands a hefty tribute, yet I wonder if sometimes he allows us to truly have our cake and eat it too.   Those beautiful little fuzz balls effected me strongly enough to hop around and cheer upon each delivery, yet Molly has been in labor for around ten hours now, and she is having a tough time about it.   I won't give voice to my worries, but what if something awful DID happen?   Would the jubilation be short-lived or premature, unfounded or foolish?   Should we even celebrate birth, it being the first step towards death, or,with faith, can death be overcame by accepting that this life really is inconsequential and not worth despairing over.

   I truly feel bad for atheists when I look the void in the face, knowing that the vast unknowable emptiness that is reality would surely have defeated me by now if I didn't believe in Jesus.   If you would like to christ bash then do so, but accept that denying God doesn't make him less real, it just makes you more vulnerable to the idea that YOU are God, and I think that's why there are so many people throughout history who have done nothing but fuck the world up in his name, trying to prove he exists within them, when all they had to do was realize they don't really exist at all.

Exhaustingly yours, the chunk0luv

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