Brainfarting, Pt. Pucker up!

   I've been thinking lately, what the fuck do we really know about the dinosaurs anyways?   If these things are really supposed to be hundreds of millions of years old, who's to decide what they may have fed on or looked like, what they were at all really.   There are so many variables to existence if you stretch the timeline back that far that we very well be looking at the malmutated remains of enormous terrestrial mud-fish that were simultaneously killed and ingested by a now extinct and untraceable species of continent-sized jellyfish.   Alright, fine, that's a heady step towards retarded ignorance, but I think my point is made all the same.   So much credit is given to a bunch of bones peppered here and there on the globe, and not a little credit either, science as we know it is pretty much built on the assumptive conclusions we've made on dinosaur remains, I.E., the evolution THEORY, the age of the planet, the origin of the moon, THE AGE OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!!!   Call me stupid, call me a charlatan, I don't care, I'm just brainfarting here, but why is the validity of carbon dating fossils so profound if some dinosaurs are now rocks and others apparently turned into crude oil.   I'll tell you right now I'm a far cry from being a paleontologist, but these things have bothered me since kindergarten.   My main argument IS kind of with evolution, and I may have approached it at a sideways angle, but that will be the topic of my next blog, I wanna' research my facts closely before I go bashing on how we could have evolved from a lower life form without exterminating the life form we evolved from, or how in the fuck such a change could've occurred with us being the only advanced species on Earth to benefit from it.  
                                                       Fuck Darwin, I'll piss ya' off later.
Uploaded 04/30/2011
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