I don't know what happened that maybe influenced parents to think it's okay to let children do any shit they want because it's non-stress parenting, or something, but there's some things that are plain retarded. I mean the kids at malls who are a menace, not only to their parents, but to everybody else shopping.

For example, Willow would never even DARE to start eating something I haven't paid for, still at the mall. Actually, I think that someone letting their child eat something they take from the shelf before paying for it would be a rare site a few years ago. Another thing is... isn't it bad manners to eat ice cream inside a bloody store? I think it's common sense that this kind of a shit behavior is a faux pas. But yeah, some parents nowadays are retarded and treat their kids like they were their pets or buddies.

Think of this situation. You're buying groceries with your 3 year old kid and suddenly you hear a scream. Then followed by a howlish noise that somewhat resembles human speech. A few of the words you can understand... later you make out a few brief sentences like "I WANT IT!" or "I HATE YOU!!!!!" Some brat, 5, maybe 6 years old is shouting at his mum who doesn't want to buy him some shit. The people at the mall look at this drama queen whine and sob and cry. The mum is being terrorised by her piece of shit brat. And soon feels so embarrassed that she takes whatever the stupid inbred shit wanted and puts it in her cart.

This kind of stuff shows you how stupid and irresponsible some parents are. Instead of teaching a child discipline and respect, they are treating their kids as some kind of princes who can do anything they like. Then their kid is gonna grow up as some douche bag without manners or respect to other people and their property.

And the aforementioned eating of ice creme inside the store is what pisses me off almost as much. What are you teaching the child? "Oh, you want to eat that now? Since it would be so much of a bother to wait 4 minutes until we pay for it and get out of the store, here, eat it." Bloody retards. You know what I would like to watch? An idiot parent giving their kid ice cream to eat at the mall and then the register turning down their card. LMAO, what now, bitch? How are you gonna pay for that stuff your damned brat already ate half of? You're gonna pay in nature?

The sad thing about terrible parents who let their kids be brats in public is... other people start to think it's okay, too. Even worse, the kids might think "wait a minute, so that kid is allowed to eat the ice cream here and you told me to wait until later. I want it NOW!" or mimic the brats' behavior.

I don't know how some parents can be as retarded to not teach their kids discipline. You're in public, so keep the kid in line. You're giving bad example. When I'm at the mall I'm so proud of Willow being an example to everyone shopping. Putting stuff back to the shelves at the same place they belong. Never whining or complaining. NEVER EVEN THINKING THAT MAYBE IT'S OKAY TO EAT THE STUFF I HAVEN'T PAID FOR YET. And the fun part is Willow's face when some kid does that. I'd guess it's something like contempt or pity, not envy or amazement. That's what makes me VERY proud. When you know you are superior to some failure who can't teach their kids manners.

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